Brownie Points

Players who perform services that help the game receive Brownie Points. Brownie Points can be redeemed for discounts on events and in character perks. Players can obtain Brownie Points by purchasing requested items for the game, performing extra time as a monster, or creating props.

Players Earn Brownie Points at the Following Rates:

• 1 per hour of labor performed for the game. This includes tidying sites after events, creating props, and other services for the game. A director or marshal needs to be present to document the service performed.

• 1 per $10 spent on materials requested by plot. This includes props, prop making material, tags, and other sundry items requested by the game. Receipts must be included.

• 3 per day of playing monsters. This means monstering a 1 day event yields 3 Brownie Points, a 2 day event yields 6 Brownie Points, and a 3 day event yields 9 Brownie Points.   Monstering players may opt out of earning brownie in exchange for event coupons at a rate of one event coupon per day of the event spent monstering. Event coupons may be redeemed to give a free day of play for an event. In order to earn Event Coupons the player must Monster for the entirety of the event.

• 1 per 3 hours of monstering. This only applies to players who take time out of their in-game time to play monsters. Although 3 hours of monster time is required of all players at 2 and 3 day events, we still offer Brownie Points to those who perform it. Yes, this means by following the rules players receive Brownie Points. For each additional 3 hours the player does monsters, they get an additional Brownie Point (up to a maximum of 3 Brownie per day of the event).

Players May Redeem Earned Brownie Points For:

• 1 Character Point per 3 Brownie Points. Players can spend up to 15 Brownie Points (5 Character Points) for additional Character Points at character creation. At the end of any event, players may buy 1 additional Character Point in this manner. If a player misses a game completely (i.e., did not even come to the site) they may purchase 2 Character Points in this manner. However, players cannot purchase Character Points from missed events in this manner for more than 2 events in a row. To once again have access to downtime Character Points, the player must attend an event as a player character. Players who monster a full event do not count as having missed an event.

• A single downtime action for 3 Brownie Points. This functions exactly like any other downtime action. Players may only purchase one downtime action per event.

• A free day of play for 6 Brownie. This option is not available for 1 day events. This discount can only be applied to a single day of play and cannot be used more than once at a single event.