Undersea is a world entirely encapsulated by an endless ocean. It teems with strange underwater plants and colossal version of ordinary sea creatures. The plants of Undersea are submarine versions of plants found in other worlds. The world’s center, where most living things are found, is dominated by a whirlpool of impossibly large scale. Here, Apsara live amongst the currents in cities made to float through the whirlpool. Spirits aid the Apsara in their daily lives, giving them a life of leisure and pleasure. Apsara hold these spirits in high regard and entertain them in exchange for their labor.

The Apsara themselves are extremely laid back. Although their civilization perches upon a whirlpool that will one day destroy their city, they remain resolute in their pursuit of personal growth and gratification. They have no government proper, instead opting for rule by consensus. Most Apsara devote their lives to personal pleasures, art, philosophy, learning, or other deeply involved passion. Apsara have streaks of blue and silver on their skin and they prefer to wear flowing clothing.

Apsara magic, known as the Currents of Deepspirit, seems obsessed with spirits and the cycles that govern creation and destruction. Their style focuses extensively with spirits, both through charming them, healing them, damaging them, or bribing them. The caster can even briefly turn herself into a spirit-like being. Its most dangerous spells instantly wound opponents or inflict them with some of the most powerful poison known. The rituals focus on water, cycles of being, personal interaction, spirits, and the drawing of a third eye.

Apsara eschew personal labor and instead attempt at bargain for whatever things they need. Apsara are shrewd in these negotiations, for every Apsara bargains with spirits on a daily basis. Thus, Apsara receive a reduced cost for Mercantile. Also, the Apsara excel at personal interaction. Their livelihoods often depend on their ability to impress, and thus Apsara receive a reduced cost for purchasing Diplomacy. Martial Apsara, called out to deal with giant sea creatures and angry spirits, practice the Urvashim Style of combat using the spear and buckler. As other weapons are ineffective underwater, it is the most common style of armed combat in Undersea.

Players portraying Apsara must wear streaks of blue and silver makeup. Older Apsara have small fish-like scales, and makeup which reflects this. Apsara breathe both air and water and seem perfectly at home on the land. As well, all Apsara are naturally hale, and if affected by Disease they reducte its power by 2.