The Rock of Storms is a rocky wind swept archipelago in the middle of a ceaselessly stormy ocean. Thunder crashes at all hours of the day, and the cold wind cuts to a manís core. The land is never warmed by the sun and every day of life has to be pulled from the jaws of a hostile and cold land. The world was once ruled over by a virtuous empire, but a great king broke a sacred oath to protect the land, turning it into the horrible, storm-blasted land that it is today.

The inhabitants today eke out an existence where they can in island-based clans. Although the clans may squabble, no clan can afford to make war on another, and thus they settle their differences through ritual combat, boasting games, or ceremonial trials. Honor and reputation are all that separates man from beast in this savage land, so warriors cling tightly to both. Demonic creatures roam the land and the leaders of each clan are called to do battle against them, lest they repeat the mistakes of the kings of old. The penalty for weakness in the Rock of Storms is frequently death.

The Runes of the Storm-Father is the magic of the Rock of Storms and it is practiced primarily by Skeirns, warrior shamans. Its focus is combat and survival, with spells that heal, strengthen, or ward the flesh. Several spells require the caster to attack others in melee or draw a rune on a person or object. It invigorates fellow warriors as well as drains foes of their own physical prowess. Rituals for this style incorporate protection, honor, boasting, fairies, animals, and fighting.

The Rock of Storms is a harsh environment where the weak perish and the strong live day to day. It is no place for weaklings, idiots, or those who rely on the comforts of civilization. Thus, all characters from the Rock of Storms receive a reduced cost for the Survival skill. People from the Rock of Storms honor those with the skill to create lasting, useful items. Weapon smiths are regarded with great reverence. Thus, all characters from the Rock of Storms receive Craft at reduced cost. The greatest warriors become Berzerks, and practice a perilous style of fighting using two axes.