Attacks and spells have taglines that let players know what effects are attached to them.  Taglines must be spoken before the attack is made or spell packet is thrown.  This list is included to make players familiar with the various effects of the game, and is abbreviated for ease of memory.  Extended rules for each case are given elsewhere.

Attack Taglines
Attack taglines can be called with either melee or ranged strikes, but as always, must be called before the attack is made.  Attack taglines are always out of play, technically, but if you hear them called you can assume that you hear the sounds of battle, and can thus react to them.

Note: Only one tagline can be called with any attack or effect; no stacking of abilities is allowed.

“Power Strike X”
Does X damage.
Defense = Parry, Block, Deflect, Dodge

“Lightning Strike 2”
Does 2 Lightning damage.  Lightning Strikes are granted by the Rune of Thunder’s Might spell. 
Defense = Parry, Block, Deflect, Dodge, Magic Resist

“Fire Strike 2”
Does 2 fire damage.  Fire Strikes are granted by the Blade of Iron Purpose spell.  Treated as Lightning Strike.
Defense = Parry, Block, Deflect, Dodge, Magic Resist

“Lesser Poison Strike”
This attack does 1 damage, if not defended against. If the damage takes effect, you suffer Poison 4.
Defense = Parry, Block (damage does not cause poison), Deflect, Dodge

“Greater Poison Strike”
This attack does 1 damage, if not defended against. If the damage takes effect, you suffer Poison 8.
Defense = Parry, Block (damage does not cause poison), Deflect, Dodge

“Mortal Blow”
Destroys all Resilience and causes a torso wound.
Defense = Parry, Deflect, Dodge

“Shield Bash”
This attack is not delivered by a weapon.  Shield Bash can only be used if you hit someone’s shield, and they activate this power in response.  You take 1 damage to the attacking arm and are disarmed. Heavy weapon users are not disarmed, but still take damage. No player should actually strike at another with their shield!
Defense = Recover (only resists disarm, not the damage), Dodge

 “Shield Pierce”
If this attack hits your shield, you take 1 damage on the arm holding it.
Defense = Parry, Stonewall, Dodge

“Stunning Blow”
If damaged by this attack (which does 1), you cannot move, attack, or defend for 5 seconds.  You should lower your weapon/shield arms, but need not drop anything. This is a Mental effect, and can be resisted as such, though the damage still applies. Stunned characters may not be given a Killing Blow directly.
Defense = Parry, Deflect, Dodge

An attack from behind delivered as a pommel tap (with a close weapon that has an open-cell foam pommel) to the upper back or shoulder; causes the target to go unconscious for 10 minutes.  Perceptive characters and characters with helmets are immune to Subdual. Thrown Subdues need only strike a target on the torso, from behind.
Defense = Dodge

“Sweep Attack”
If damaged by this attack (which does 1), you are knocked off your feet (sit or take a knee) for at least 5 seconds, and cannot move from where you are.  A Feat of Strength can be used to resist.
Defense = Parry, Deflect, Dodge

“Weapon Break”
If your weapon is hit by this “attack,” it is Broken.  Heavy weapons are immune to this effect. 
Defense = Withstand, Dodge

“(Your Name): I strike you with X-fold hate!
This spell effect (from Rune of Hatred’s Name) does X damage to your torso.  If the attack hits your weapon or shield, you are still affected by the damage.  This tagline is most assuredly not out of play!
Defense = Dodge, Magic Resist

* * *

Spell Taglines
Spell taglines are included so that players know what spell they are being targeted by.  As always, the tagline should be spoken before a spell packet is thrown.  Often, spell affects have “X-fold” in their tagline, which  indicates the power of the effect (such as the amount of damage it does).  Spell taglines are never out of play.

All hostile spell effects, unless otherwise noted, can be resisted by general magic resists, or by expending a single use of the appropriate Ward. All packet delivered effects can be Dodged.

Currents of Deepspirit

“I wither your limb with the blackfin curse!”  (Blackfin Curse)
If you have no limb wounds, you take a limb wound of your choice.  This does not affect Resilience.

“In time, even the sea forgets!”  (The Sea Forgets)
If you are maintaining a Circle spell, it is dropped unless you elect to take Magic Drain 1, even if the Circle makes you immune to other magic.  Characters not maintaining a circle are affected by Magic Drain 1.

"The coral serpent moves from silent waters to poison your flesh with its X-fold bite!” (Coral Serpent’s Bite)
You are Poisoned with a power equal to X.

Dooms of Light and Shadow

"By my will the light converges, bringing X-fold doom upon you!”  (That Which Scatters and Converges)
You take X light damage.

"By the judgment of the new sun, I scourge your magic in X-fold ways!"  (The New Sun’s Judgment)
You suffer Magic Drain X.

"Mirror Magic" (Day Mirrors Night)
This is not a packet delivered spell attack, but rather an effect that an opponent calls in response to being hit with a magic attack.  You suffer whatever effect you just hit your enemy with at the same power as what you cast.  It can be resisted normally.

"I shackle you in the Dark Lords’ fetters!”  (Dark Lord’s Fetters) 
You are Shackled.  If you lose line of sight with the caster, you are freed.

"By the Visage of the Silver Mask, may your prowess die in X-fold ways!”  (Silver Mask Visage)
You lose X Prowess. If you have 0 Prowess when hit by this spell, you instead lose a Feat of Strength, if applicable.

Mysteries of Flame and Iron

“Your flesh burns with sparks of living flame!”  (Sparks of Living Flame)
You take 2 fire damage.  Shields can block this spell mundanely.

“I cast your bones in lead to slow you!”  (Bones of Lead, Skin of Bronze)
You are Slowed.

“By the fires of uncreation, I break that which you hold; may it erupt in X-fold wrath!”  (Wrathful Uncreation)
You choose an object you hold, and it is subject to a Break effect.  If it is successfully Broken, you take X fire damage to the arm that held the object.

“Forgefire Vengeance” (Forgefire Crown)
This is not a packet delivered spell attack, but rather an effect that an opponent calls in response to being hit with a melee attack.  You suffer an amount of fire damage to the torso equal to the amount of damage your attack did.

The Naming of Things

“I strike at you with heart-seeking shards!”  (Heart Seeking Shards)
You take 1 damage to your torso.

“May the wind make mischief upon you!”  (The Wind Makes Mischief)
You must immeditately drop everything you are holding. Strapped bucklers, rings, gloves, etc. do not count as held items, though weapons and other shields do. If for some reason you cannot drop the items in a timely fashion, you suffer a limb wound to the arm(s) that held it.

“By these words both fell and terrible, you shall betray your friends in X-fold ways” (Fell Words of Betrayal)
You suffer Betrayal at a power of X, as a Mental effect.

"By the true names of pestilence and disease, you shall breathe only (Mastery)-fold corruption!" (Breath of Corruption)
You are Diseased with a power of X.

Runes of the Stormfather

"By this sign, your honor shall die!”  (Sign of Dying Honor)
You lose 2 Prowess. If you have 0 Prowess when hit by this spell, you instead lose a Feat of Strength, if applicable.

"By this sign, your magics will fade!”  (Sign of Fading Magic) 
You lose two uses of a packet- or touch-based Readied spell.

Thirteen Harmonious Changes

“The spiteful earth awakens, and it shall cast you down!” 
(Awaken the Spiteful Earth)   You go to your knees, and can only move by crawling.  This is a “Line of Sight” power.

"Inquisitor's Gaze"
You must truthfully answer a number of questions about your  Skills, Traits, and the effects that you are under.  This is a mental effect.

"You are only worthy of a Justicar’s rebuke!"  (Justicar’s Rebuke)
You must stay at least 15 feet away from the caster.  This cannot force you into in game or out of game hazards.  The spell ends if the caster does not maintain the gesture of command.

"I smite you with Ghost-Killing Hands!”  (Ghost-Killing Hands)
If you are an Accursed creature (not likely), you take 2 damage.

Woodsong and Moonsecret

"Old Badger is angry, but he can’t catch me!”  (Anger the Old Badger)
You are affected by Anger, as a mental effect.  This effect ends if the caster is successfully struck by you or any other target they have Angered, or you lose line of sight with the caster.

"I call weeds that clutch with binding touch!”  (Call the Clutching Weeds)
You are Bound.  If you lose line of sight with the caster, you are freed.

“I draw your glance with the Dragonfly Dance!”  (Dragonfly Dance)
You cease whatever you are doing and watch the caster slavishly, as a mental effect, until they drop the gesture, leave Line of Sight, or you are attacked.

“Feel the gift of silence true, for X-fold stillness falls on you!”  (Gift of Silence)
You are Silenced at a power equal to X.

* * *

Skill Taglines

These taglines represent personal skill and are always out of play (unlike magical taglines).

Ignore the last statement the character made, which may have been up to 10 seconds long.  This can also be used as a question (Etiquette?), and a marshal or qualified player should explain to the character (out of play) what the proper or expected action would be for the current social situation.

“Healing: Examination”
The character using this skill may ask out of play questions about your condition.

“Healing: Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Aid”
The character using this ability begins to heal you, and the count for being Critical stops.  You are Stable when they complete this effect, and will heal entirely in 1 hour, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes, respectively.

“Healing: Thanatology
If you are dead, a character using this ability (after Examining you) can ask you questions relating to the state of your corpse, and the events leading up to your demise.

“Healing: Treatment X”
A character using this ability cures all persistent effects on you (such as Disease and Poison) of a power equal to or less than X, after 1 minute of application.

“Healing: Coax Life”
This is an attempt to revive you from the brink of death.  Coax Life works if your body is in good condition and your soul has not passed on.  Other effects may prevent such. If you come back, you become conscious in five minutes and will fully heal in an hour (the 5 minutes counts for this healing), and thus count as Stable. No healing enhancement will accelerate this process.

“Song/Speech/Revel of Power”
Hearing this inspired performance allows you to reset a Feat of Strength if you wish.  A Performance of True Power allows you to reset two Feats of Strength.  Without the Empathic Trait, you can only reap such benefit from a performance once per day.

“Song/Speech/Revel of Resolve”
This performance allows you to reset a Feat of Will if you wish.  A Performance of True Resolve allows you to reset two Feats of Will.  Without the Empathic Trait, you can only benefit from a performance once per day.

“Song/Speech/Revel of Delight”
This performance allows you to reset a Feat of Empathy if you wish.  A Performance of True Delight allows you to reset two Feats of Empathy.  Without the Empathic Trait, you can only benefit from a performance once per day.

“Soulful Dirge”
This performance prevents your spirit from leaving your body after you have died, and does not count against you for benefiting from performances.  Can also be used to keep you from bleeding out, while Critical.

“Heartspoken Words”
This performance reduces all your persistent effects by 6, but counts as a benefit of performance.  Without the Empathic Trait, you can only benefit from a performance once per day.

“Enchanting Caper”
This performance resets all of your Feats of Agility as long as you actively participate in it.  Without the Empathic Trait, you can only benefit from a performance once per day.

Although technically not an activated skill power, this tagline is called when you are present while another character attempts to Conceal themselves.  If you hear the tagline for concealment (Concealing 1, Concealing 2, Concealing 3) and actually see the person, you can stop the process by calling “Reveal.”

* * *

Game Concepts 

These are effects and mechanics that all players should understand.

Persistent Conditions

These effects have variable levels of severity associated with them, which effects how easily they are cured.

You are prone and can not move from where you are, without aid; you must lie down or sit, and you cannot kneel. You may attack and defend from this position, as normal. After 1 hour of being poisoned, you die. May be resisted by a Feat of Toughness

You are prone and can not walk or run. You may kneel and crawl about slowly on your hands and knees. You may attack and defend as normal, but may not use any physical feats (Strength, Toughness, Agility). After 1 hour of being Diseased, you die. May be resisted by a Feat of Toughness

While blinded, you can not run, nor may you attack with weapons or packet-based spells. You may defend yourself mundanely or with defensive abilities. Blindness lasts 1 hour and can be resisted by a Feat of Will

You cannot speak, cast spells, perform rituals, or use any Spiritual Feats (Attunement, Empathy, Charisma).  Silence lasts 1 hour and may be resisted by a Feat of Will.

Other Effects

Magic Drain
A target of a Magic Drain effect loses a number of Charges of their choice based on the power of the effect.  Magic Drain can never remove a character’s last Charge.

Concealment is represented, for charcters, by arms crossed over the chest.  Concealed objects will be noted as such with an obvious tag or sign.  Both concealed objects and concealed characters should be treated as Out-of-Play.  A Feat of Perception can be used to end a single character or object’s Concealment. Regardless, a Perceptive character in the presence of concealed items/people (assuming they actually see them out of play) will have an odd feeling about the general area, though they may not indicate where the concealed are, in any way, unless they use a feat.

Invisibility is represented by steepled hands over one’s head.  Invisible characters should be treated as Out-of-Play.  Perceptive characters know “something is not right” when someone invisible is nearby, though they don’t know where they are, at all. Feats of Perception are useless on invisible characters.

Immaterial states are represented by hands clasped to one’s chest, index fingers pointing upwards.  Immaterial characters should be treated as Out-of-Play unless your character is Empathic, or you are also in this state.

You must clasp your hands together behind your back, and may not attack or call any combat abilities except Dodge. You need not drop any items you are holding, but must keep them behind your back, as well. Any weapon hit on an item you are holding, while Shackled, counts as hitting one of your arms. Shackling prevents Touch-based spells from being cast, but most packet-based spells may be cast while in this state. A Feat of Strength can be used to break out of a Shackle effect with a three count (Breaking 1, Breaking 2, Breaking 3).  Shackle is usually a “Line of Sight” effect.

A mysterious gift that benefits the dead in the afterlife.

You can only move by slowly walking.  You may physically attack no faster than 1 swing every 3 seconds, though you can defend normally.  This is usually a “Line of Sight” effect. A Feat of Strength can be used to resist.

Effects target objects.  Broken items cannot be used, but can be repaired using magic or the Craft skill (as a production action).  Some well made objects can resist Break effects.

While under the effect of Betrayal, you must attack your allies.  For each level of the Betrayal’s power, you must make one attack to the best of your abilities, either with weapons or spells.  If unarmed, you will attempt to grab any nearby weapons not being used.  If you are unable to do either, you must instead hurl truly dire and hurtful insults at your allies.  Betrayal is always a mental effect.

Accursed creatures are beings of death and other unholy forces.  They can be damaged by specific effects.

You do nothing but attempt to pursue the target of the Anger in order to engage them with weapons or hostile spells.  Anger ends if you successfully strike (damgage) or effect the cause of the Anger.

One of your feet (your choice) is rooted in place and you cannot move it, though you may pivot freely.  A Feat of Strength can be used to break out of a Bind effect with a three count (Breaking 1, Breaking 2, Breaking 3).  This is usually a “Line of Sight” effect.

You cannot be chased by anyone not also under a Haste effect, nor can you be blocked from leaving an area.  You must call “haste” with every stride, of the effect ends.  Usually, this effect grants free Dodges equal to its power, while active. Attacking, using skills, or stopping will end the effect.

A magically conjured substance that spirits covet.

A character who is bleeding to death or dying of injuries.  After 5 minutes (+5 per Tough) of bleeding out, a Critical character will die.

A wounded and formerly Critical character who is healing. As soon as a character is stabilized, they become conscious. Moving at more than a slow crawl (or aided walk), fighting, using abilities, or casting spells will cause them to go Critical again.

A combination of Armor, Protection and Toughness,.  This is the amount of damage you can take before taking a wound.  Armor is lost first, then Protection, and then Toughness, but otherwise they are all treated the same.

Resilience granted by wearing armor

Resilience granted by magical effects.

Resilience granted by the Tough Trait or other natural sources

Destroy effects target objects.  Destroyed objects are gone forever.

A Ritual that is Fouled cannot be used until a specific action is taken to purify it.

A unit of magical power used to fuel spells.

A character’s overall magical potence.  Mastery is used to calculate the power of a character’s spells.

A character’s combat aptitude.  Prowess is “spent” to fuel combat abilities.

Mental Resist
You can ignore a single mental effect.

Physical Resist
You can ignore a single physical attack of any kind.

Small, brightly colored objects of magic found in the Forest of Doors.  Twists (red) are the most common, Spirals (green) are much less common, and Knots (blue) are downright rare.  Characters in the Forest of Doors, in light of no common form of currency, use Lumens as money.  When used in this manner, 10 Twists equal a Spiral and 10 Spirals equal a Knot.

You cannot attack, cast magic, use rituals, or use Skills for 30 seconds.

An item that is Worn needs to be maintained by magic or a character with the Craft skill.  Armor that has been damaged is considered Worn.

You act drunk.  Although it has no mechanical effect, players must roleplay as if they are quite soused.

This mental effect causes you to become unconscious.

You may not rest (Toughness and Prowess do not reset) or use rituals.  As with Intoxicated, players must roleplay their hallucinating state.

Killing Blow
If you are Unconscious or Critical, someone may finish you off by placing the business end of their weapon on your torso, and then loudly saying "Killing Blow 1, Killing Blow 2, Killing Blow 3." Killing Blows must be at least 3 seconds long, and if interrupted by someone attacking the killer or striking their weapon, the effect is aborted.